My work focuses on images taken from my memories, dreams and experiences of female intimacy. I examine the transitory nature of identity and the process of erasure and regeneration of the idea of the self. The realms of the id, ego and superego merge, offering the viewer a glimpse into scenes that are both uniquely personal and universally relatable. My images re-invent themes that have interested me all of my life: reality and illusion, voyeurism, and existential dichotomies.

What existence does the self have outside of contexts? I am interested in placing figures in disorienting spaces in which the sense of time is removed. I am drawn to the pregnant moment where a thing, person or event is not yet fixed and can fluctuate between one extreme and the other, never allowing the narrative or the viewer to fixate on a singular meaning. I create visual metaphors that focus on contradicting sensations and force them to live together. The images vibrate between pleasure and pain, power and vulnerability, life and death. The female figure in my images embraces these dichotomies, the possible danger, the fear, the futility. She has no goal other than to exist for who she is.