A continuing body of work influenced by the pandemic titled "Self Care". Exhibited at HallSpace, Boston MA in January 2021 - February 2022
Accompanying animations can be viewed in the "Digital" link.

Dealing with a persistent virus has instigated a new direction in my work, with the central theme being Self Care. A single woman lives in isolation in each of these drawings, paintings and dioramas. She inhabits wild environments and has developed a symbiotic relationship with the landscape. The female figures embody the wild woman archetype and reflect the landscape around them: arms open up like flowers, legs mirror the bends of the river, bodies twists like tree trunks. She is aware that she is a part of the seasons of life; birth, change, decay, regeneration. The repetition of natural elements, like leaves or waves, evokes a sense of abundant beauty and simultaneously remains on the verge of overflowing and consuming the figures. The female figures in these drawings inspire how I would like to live my life. Stripped off material possessions, social relationships, and facial recognition, these women show us the value of being human and remind us that our natural environment is inextricably weaved into the fabric of our existence.