As I spend most of the day in the studio during the pandemic, I have taken this opportunity to experiment and dive into new bodies of work. Last year I created a painting called Self Love. With this painting in mind, I began a new series this year titled Self Care

Currently, I have developed over 50 Self Care topics. This visual map has spread across my largest studio wall. What does Self Acceptance look like? How does Self Clarity show itself in visual form? What would Self Humor and Self Imagination talk about at the dinner table?

Coincidentally, after a month of working on this series, COVID-19 started to spread and is currently taking over globally. The theme of self care feels not only relevant, but urgently important. As the lockdown continues, working on drawings and paintings focused on self care have not only become therapeutic, but also very comforting. I look forward to continue sharing these new works with you. If you want more frequent updates, feel free to follow me on IG. Thanks xo